Did Someone Chap Your Hide? - Caring for your Leather Toys & Gear 

60 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid | Workshop Optional
Our toy bag is sacred. Each whip, flogger, & paddle holds memories & future stories. Furniture, like leather slings, or toys such as singletail whips, floggers, and gags can be udderly ridiculous to clean. 

Don't let your flogger feel like the laughing-stock of your toy bag. We'll effectively clean them without butchering the suede underside and also clean leather on gags (without using potentially toxic chemicals). This class is meant to beef up knowledge about the preservation of leather and is for folx who have never cleaned leather or are veteran bootblacks.

OPTIONAL: After the class, there will be a brief workshop where you will work on your leather hands-on with the instructor. It is BYOL (Bring Your Own Leather). Synthetic leathers are welcome!

Erotic Energy Exchange

60 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual
This ain't your reiki healer's energy play class... Erotic Energy Exchange covers the different types of energy, where energy comes from, the science behind it, & how to protect yourself from energetic vampires.

We all feel energy even if we aren't aware of it. Energy helps us feel other's emotions, & move chemicals through our bodies. Learn how to move energy between you & your partners to incorporate into your mental, emotional, & physical intimacy.

Gender Affirming Intimacy

Can be taught in an educational and/or professional setting as well.
60 - 120 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid & Virtual

Gender dysphoria is when someone has an emotional or physical feeling that feels misaligned with their gender identity. Gender Affirming Intimacy is a workshop geared towards helping ourselves, partners, or other loved ones experience the opposite of dysphoria, gender euphoria!

We'll explore how positive, gender-affirming physical, emotional, & mental intimacy can make ourselves or others feel more aligned with their beautiful, authentic selves.

  • We'll achieve this by covering:
  • Learning terminology around Trans bodies
  • Identification of the multiple forms of intimacy
  • Creating euphoria through affirming language
  • Adapting to different forms of sexual & non-sexual touch
  • Finally, towards the end of this class, we will help you develop your own “Gender Affirming Profile” or navigate helping a trans partner create their own Gender Affirming Profile!
Gender non-conforming people may also benefit from pieces of this to create their own unique Gender Affirming Profile. People who are not familiar with trans bodies or terminology are also encouraged to attend. We are here to educate without stigma! Please note this class is GREAT for partners of trans people & trans people alike!

Holy Cow! Intro to Hucow & Bovine Play

75 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, & Virtual
Discover ways to create a unique headspace, explore multiple roles, implement many forms of play, & learn about multiple milking methods to fill you with udder pleasure!

Cowboys/girls & cows have become all the rage in fashion & even in the bedroom. This class gives ideas on how to rocket into udder space. We’ll steak out the multiple ways we can nurture our inner cow or bovine by:

  • Getting deeper into Bovine Headspace
  • Breast & chest torture & nipple stimulation
  • Lactation induction & STI safety around lactation
  • Navigating what types of pumps or milkers to use!
  • Diving into top & Handler roles (such as Farmer, Rancher, gulps or Butcher).
  • Bovine play as a masculine, male, or gender non-conforming person
  • & so much MOO-re!

The class also discusses the different types of dynamics involved in cow-centric pet play. Top, bottom, switch, hucow, bull, ox, farmer, butcher, or just curious, this class is for you! Join us, chew the cud, & love your cow. Built-in mind to be inclusive of any gender identity. Be seen and also herd.

Identity Autonomy: Owning Your Body & Story

More info coming soon!

My New Skin: Adapting to a New Body

60 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual
When one undergoes a gender, age, or weight change journey or faces new challenges around a physical ability, they may suddenly experience a shift in how the world treats them. This experience of being newly "othered" can often be jarring & isolating.

Join Lady V in talking about lessons learned in her own gender, weight loss, and aging journey. This class unpacks how to embrace changes to your body while getting through judgmental societal norms. We'll talk about how to navigate new challenges & deal with grief. This class is also great for those supporting someone through a body change journey or who are curious about their own. 

Please note that this class does not embrace or tolerate any sort of phobia. We only embrace body positivity in all forms.

Pigs in Blanket: Intro to Piggy Play

75 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, & Virtual
We're pulling the pork on the pinkest of pet players, Pigs! While catching bad wraps from multiple cultures, pigs are intelligent, loving, & also filthy animals. 

Don't muddy the details (just the hog)

  • Learn how to build a narrative to keep you or your hog in heat
  • How to use Piggy Play to overcome body shaming & food aversion 
  • Using humiliation & degradation as rewards
  • Building headspace through costumes, toys, & scenarios.
  • Putting your snout into uninhibited sex positivity

Whether you have just one or 30-50 feral hogs in your pen, we've got you covered! This class is excellent for both Pigs & their handlers.

Protocols & Rituals: Focusing Intentions in D/s

60 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, & Virtual
Protocols and rituals can be additional tools for focusing intention and energy for all types of dynamics. They are also great tools for staying engaged and connected in and out of scene. 

How many times do we kiss our partner(s) mindlessly as we run out the door, our minds already on our next venture? Often in our busy lives, finding a moment to connect with our partner(s) can be difficult and can create emotional and spiritual distance. Protocols and rituals assist us to stop, focus our energy and be in the moment, whether alone or connecting to and appreciating our partner.

This class will help inspire your own unique protocols and rituals for current and future dynamics. This class is inclusive to all dynamics (especially the non-conventional rebels). Protocols and rituals can assist in strengthening connection within your own dynamics.

Sacred Leathers: Spirituality & Leather 

60 - 75 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, & Virtual
Often our leathers have deep and meaningful stories spanning beyond our initial introduction and we, as the wearers, are a part of that garment's story. This class looks at how we all can uniquely celebrate, channel, and conjure that beautiful energy with our second skins. 

  • Explore various connections & beliefs around leather
  • How leather can tell our stories, be our emotional & spiritual armor
  • Using leather implements to be an energetic conduit
  • Various rituals & ways we can honor our own & others' leathers
  • & so much more!

This class is geared towards collaborative spiritual perspectives and is meant for everyone, not just bootblacks & leather identified people!

Sissification & Gender Affirmation

60 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, & Virtual
For many other gender expansive folx & femmes, sissification & forced feminization can be a safe outlet to explore, as well as affirm our gender identity. Playing with forced feminization & sissification allows for the possibility of positive reinforcement of our femme identity.

This class navigates sissification in a healthy, gender-affirming light. We will discuss ways to affirm your gender while playing with high femme energy while avoiding negative or phobic tropes.

Switchinatrix - Harnessing Your Power as a Switch

60 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, & Online
Switchinatrix is a class that is an exploration into authentically celebrating your “unconventional” self to enjoying kink & intimacy from every angle! Being switchy or versatile allows us to have so many different roles & experiences! Why be just a Top when you can be EVERYTHING (or whatever you want to be)?

This class helps us manifest & embody our power as switches in being able to get the most out of our relationships, dynamics, & sex lives by going into:

  • Switching within relationships & power exchange dynamics
  • Exploring different headspaces & personas
  • Switching simultaneously with partners
  • Breaking down & moving past stigma in the community & dating
  • & so much more!!

We will discuss how these expansive roles can work within our TPE dynamics & relationships & how we can fulfill the different needs of partners & ourselves...like switching with your Domme (scary, I know. You'll survive & thrive!).

This class is aimed at people in all roles & dynamics, not just our switchy friends & partners.

So Fresh & So Clean: Bootblacking & Leathercare 101

60 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid | Workshop Optional
Who doesn't love the look of a well-polished boot that catches the light and catches your eye? Leather pieces have the ability to outlast many of their original owners...with care. In this class, we'll teach you the basics of making your leathers look nice and last, as well as cleaning and caring for your leathers.

Bootblacking can be a service to the community or dynamic, a form of worship, an art form, a practice of technique, a side hustle, a spiritual practice, or all of the above!

Learn how to easily clean and care for your favorite boots, whip, or vest! We'll also show you how to discern between oil tan and polished leather and how to treat them appropriately.

OPTIONAL: After the class, there will be a brief workshop where you will work on your leather hands-on with the instructor. It is BYOL (Bring Your Own Leather). Synthetic leathers are welcome!

Welcome to the Jungle: Pet Play for All Animals

75 - 90 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid, & Virtual
Take a trip through the Animal Kingdom as we explore the multiple ways we can nurture and celebrate ours, or a partner(s) animalistic side! This class is a Pet Play 101, inclusive of all animals! Whether you're a domestic kitty, a cool cow, or a lazy lizard, we've got you covered!

We'll explore the basics of pet play and how to help build an easy-to-enact, immersive headspace unique to your own inner animal and dive into the possible dynamics within pet play. This class is meant to inspire pets and handlers alike to cultivate their personas & find the headspace they seek!

What's on Your Mind? The Difference between Reactive, Predictive & Proactive Service

75 - 120 Minutes Upon Request | Available In-Person, Hybrid

Learn how to be a mind-reader! Sort of! Dive into ways we can better serve the needs of our partners. Service is a way for us to feel utilized & engaged within the dynamic without a whole big scene.

This class goes beyond preparing a morning cup of coffee (but we appreciate it), but also anticipating the laundry needs to be done and then doing it without being told.  

This is all about how we can serve the needs or expectations of our partners by staying attentive to their daily needs, wants & desires. This is a one-size-fits-all guide to making service thrive within your dynamics.

Contact Lady V to request a class!