Specialties & Interests

TS Dominatrix Lady V enjoys bringing the thrill of sensual living to her submissives & slaves through her unique brand of affectionate cruelty.

Lady V is a Jewish Leather Princess with a pension for pleasure & punishment. By playing with both, Lady V works to make her submissives feel safe & small in her care (& under her foot).

Lady V is a purveyor of the following types of play: * 50s Housewife & Slave Training * Ageplay & ABDL * Boot & Leather Worship * CBT * Chastity & Cuckholding * Corporal Punishment
* E-Stim & Electro * Ethical Financial Domination * Feminization & Sissification * Foot & Leg Worship * Heavy Bondage & Mummification * Imprisonment & Interrogation * Medical & Needle * Pet Play & Pup Training * Personal & Domestic Service Training * Sensory Deprivation * Tantric & Spiritual BDSM * Toilet
Lady V travels to Detroit, MI & Las Vegas, NV often to see her submissives. She is also an avid traveler & travels often to teach sex positive & BDSM centric workshops. You never know when she might be in your city in a dungeon near you.....
P.S. Receiving service & tribute via leather garments are her love languages

The Fallout Shelter

Lady V brings a world of pleasure & ecstatic pain to her dungeon, The Fallout Shelter. The Fallout Shelter is a 1,100 sq ft, 4-room dungeon, complete with 14+ play stations, a concrete jail cell, a medical room, 2 beds, and a shower located within the dungeon. We are a private, invite-only space. All located -10 minutes from the I-5 & downtown Salem.
When contacting Lady V provide the following info: * Your Name * 3 potential dates/times you would like see me & for how long. * 4 to 5 of your interests you would like to explore in session (does not guarantee we will explore these, but helps build the framework for our scene together). * Your favorite musician & what their second album was.

In-Person Session

$300/per hour $550/2 hours $800/ 3 hours
$1000/ 4 hours 4+ hour & overnight sessions are available for a negotiated rate as well. Overnight stays within Lady V's jail cell are available at $80/hour. This does not include additional play besides initial restraint.

Touring Rates

$375/per hour $675/2 hours $875/ 3 hours
$1175/ 4 hours

Virtual Session

$75/ 30 min
$125/ 1 Hour
$225 / 90 minutes
$300 / 2 hours

Do not ask me about anything illegal, anything to do with biological (real) children or animals; nor will I actually medically castrate you.